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Think about the time when we did not have smart cell phones. Life was different in many ways. Today, almost everyone has a cell phone or another form of smart device like a tablet, watch, shoe, or a pair glasses. Smartness is crawling into almost everything that affects our daily lives. Verizon is at the heart of this kind of innovation. Many people have been part of Verizon by having an internet subscription with them.

Verizon has an internet service called Fios. Feel free to try out their service. Deciding on a particular service can be a daunting task because there are a lot of factors to consider before making the best decision. In terms of internet service, this is no different. There are some limitations in areas on the available internet service. This leaves a consumer with a limited choice when it comes to this service. For one, you should consider the pricing options before you decide on any service.

The Deals For New Customers

When looking for deals on subscriptions, you will quickly find out that the new customers will get the best deals. There are many reasons for this. A subscription service makes their money from the amount charged per month for a subscription. An old customer has had the subscription for a while and is less likely to quit than a new customer. If you raise the price on an old customer, the customer will most likely still retain the service.

The customer may think that she has been getting a great deal all this time and it is now her time to get the same price as others. She may also be too busy or uncomfortable at that time to seek a new provider. This is why the new customers get the best deals. A new customer is a new conversion, and a new source of income. The sales team is equipped with many deals and price drops to use to lure in new customers and they will easily provide you with this deal in order to make a conversion.

Have all the deals
Have all the deals

How Can An Old Customer Get All The Deals

In most cases where new customers are offered amazing deals, an old customer can also get the same deals. Here is how you can get the same deals even as an old customer. You may wait until your current subscription is almost over or you can also do this while you are still in a current subscription.

What you want to do is explain to customer service that you can only keep their service if they offer you a great deal. This can be the case because your books are no longer adding up. You are beginning to spend more than you are earning and always using your credit card because of this. You have made the decision to cut on expenses and this particular subscription plan needs to be reduced. Most times customer service will understand and offer you any available deals they have in order to keep you as a customer. Be polite when making this kind of request.

If you were already on a deal and it is nearing the end of your deal. You may do the same thing and explain to the customer service that you enjoyed their service and will like to continue. You cannot afford the service without the deal so they need to keep you on the same deal or a similar deal in order for you to keep using their service.

The Dangers Of Autopay

The Autopay is a very nice feature when considered for its real intentions. However it is very easy to see how Autopay can work against you as a customer or buyer. In most Autopay cases, money flows automatically out of the buyer or subscribers accounts into the provider’s bank. You lose some money as a subscriber and you lose the chance to get a great deal for the service each time Autopay is used. It all happens in the background seamlessly which is good except that you now have less money in your accounts after the payment.

Without Autopay feature, you have to manually make each payment after each period and you have to deal with the pain and reality that you are actually giving away your hard earned money for the value of a product or service. Many times this will make you think about other ways you can save that money either by doing without the product or finding a competing product that is willing to offer a better price. This will make you ask more questions and help you save better in the long run. Use Autopay wisely and only on must have products and services.

Verizon Cyber Monday Deals

If you are already a Verizon subscriber or you are considering using this service then you want to know about the best deals you can find. To find more Verizon deals, click here.

  1. The Verizon Plan Now: Starting At $35/Month
  2. Save Up To 50% Off Accessories
  3. 5GB Per Month Now: $55 With Autopay And Paperless Billing Enrollment
  4. Unlimited Data On Verizon Wireless Now: $80/mo
  5. $100 Off Select Phones

New Subscription, New Cell Phone, More Problems

When you walk into a cell phone service provider stores, you will find the very common deal where a brand new device is offered with a yearly subscription for FREE. A lot of people fall for this trick and many people do not understand what they are getting themselves into. In most cases, and all the cases we found, the phone is really not FREE.

The aim of this trickery is to force you into entering a subscription with them. Be very careful when they offer you a FREE device. In most cases, the cost of the device is transferred into your monthly payments with interest. You are loaning the device and that new Iphone offered for “free” with your new subscription is really not free. You will end up paying more for the phone in the next two years than you would pay buying it up front and then applying your subscription to it.

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