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Sam’s Club

The more you dig into saving, the more you learn and enjoy it. Have you met anyone that was not looking to save? Probably Not. Some people have ample resources to not worry too much about saving. Even extremely wealthy people will not pass out an opportunity to save some money. Sam’s club provides many opportunities to save. This explains why they are so popular. There is really nothing complicated about the way sam’s club operates. You pay a certain fee for a subscription with them and you gain access to great prices on items sold in the store. Here’s the catch, you have to buy in bulk.

We took some time to try to analyze why sam’s club system happens to work out for many people. Here we try to solve the question of why people go ahead with a sam’s club membership giving that they have to pay for the membership before they can buy anything in most cases. Why are people not okay with just going to the regular supermarket that does not require any subscription in order to buy things. Other supermarkets have a rewards system that is based on subscription to “something” either a debit or credit card or another card that will have their name and logo on it so that you can benefit from exclusive deals.

Many Similarities

As you explore the methods that stores employ to capture you, the reader, you will begin to see a pattern. Are the stores doing you a favor by offering these deals at an amazing price? Not really. But are the stores doing themselves a favor? Definitely yes. In each of these systems where a buyer is lured into shopping at a particular store with a deal or promise of lowered prices, you can find these similarities.

  1. A form of membership or subscription is required. Afterall, you need to feel like you are part of an elite group to participate.
  2. You are promised a better experience by this subscription. Here comes the bait to lure you into a money saving experience with them.
  3. It is still your choice to make. When given the choice, you will try to come up with the best decision. With the option to save dangled in front of you, you will most likely choose it since there is nothing to lose.
  4. Some of your information is given. Information is worth something, and by giving out your information and allowing the stores to monitor your shopping patterns, you are giving out something that is worth a lot to the stores.

Is It Too Good To Be True?

A rule of thumb is that if it sounds too good to be true, except on black friday or cyber monday, then it is too good to be true. We recommend that you always ask the question – what is the catch?  when a new deal or subscription of saving opportunity is dangled right in front of you. Be smart about your choice, and always be aware of the consequences. Sam’s club works for the most part because you get what you are paying for. When you buy a subscription at Sam’s Club, you get to shop at the store or online. The store provides bulk prices for items, prices you would not find if you visited your local supermarket on a normal day. However you need to shop carefully to truly benefit from the system that is dangled in front of you. The system works because the higher the quantity is, the lower the price.

Up goes quantity and down goes price
Up goes quantity and down goes price

Sam’s club works if you shop smartly. This system is not built for you to shop for everything at the store. Ideally, the system works if you have a big family or a big group to feed. If you are throwing a go away party or you have the entire extended family, then consider shopping at sam’s club. If you are single, then be smart about what you plan to buy. Consider the case where you buy a lot of things from sam’s club at amazing prices but you end up tossing them out because you never used them or they expired. For a single person or one with a small family it is better to combine your sam’s club membership with “something else” like shopping at a regular store for smaller perishable items.

One More Tip

For you to benefit from buying in bulk, you should buy less distinct items but more of a single item. The more you buy across the board, the more money you spend at these kind of stores. Make a list of 5 items that you plan to buy and be disciplined to defer purchase of other items not on your list. Saving is enticing, and many times we end up buying too many things because we were trying to save only for these items to go to waste. The holy grail is when you are able to combine the benefits of a store like sam’s club with your regular retail outlet, and you will be getting the best of both worlds.

Sam’s Club Cyber Monday Deals

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