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Catherines And Plus Size

You might land on this page wondering what Catherines is or what the brand does. If this is the case, you are definitely on the right page. Also if you are a seasoned veteran of learning when it comes to plus size brands and you know all about Catherines, then you can also read on since this might be a nice read or just something to pass time. It is almost impossible to write about Catherines without also discussing the Plus Size and the many interpretations of this size group. In fact, there is an entire movement that is focused on providing more information about plus size. More recently, there is a focus on plus size advertising and we are beginning to see more and more plus size models making headlines. This is good.

Many people consider a plus size person as an overweight person but there is nothing farther from the truth. You see, there are these things that make us human called genes or DNA. These genes will decide many things about us from even before we are born. It decides our skin color, hair type, nose types, and almost thousands, if not millions or billions of other features that defines what it means to be human. Our genes and DNA will also decide whether we are plus size or not.

What This Piece Is Not

Since we are not experts in the plus size field, we will be writing about an observers view of the plus size group. Do not interpret this piece as an expert’s opinion or medical advice. Any thing that is written on this topic is simply a view point and is meant for the pleasure and enlightenment of the reader and it should not be used as a subject of debate. We are all entitled to different opinions and this piece is just one opinion out there out of many.

Importance Of Genes

Think about the ocean and the vast amount of creatures that live in it. Every living thing in the ocean is there for a purpose and it serves its purpose. The entire system works together in a perfect and seamless way even though every sea creature is different. Now think about genes as a combination of different traits that makes each creature in the ocean quite different from each other. Remember that it is this difference that makes the oceanic eco system sustainable. In a similar way, it is our genes that make each of us different from each other and still classify as human. It is our genes that makes for a system that works due to it’s differences.

The importance of Genes cannot be overstressed. It is these genes, plus some other factors, that will decide our body size. Some genes will make a person very skinny and no matter what they eat or how much they eat, they will still remain skinny. This is why we say your size is not always a direct representation of how much you eat. In many cases a person that eats less may have a bigger size than someone that eats more because of their genes.

Catherines for Plus Size

This is where Catherines comes in. Here is a brand that caters to plus size people. Each of the designs at Catherines is specifically designed from the beginning with a plus size person in mind. It is not a case where a dress is designed for a skinny person and then made bigger for plus sizes. This is what makes brands like Catherines different from others. It is guaranteed that the dresses will be comfortable and will fit beautifully for a plus size person. Here you can find all forms of clothing like tops, bottoms, dresses, swim wear, intimates and accessories.

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Is It Healthy To Be Plus Size?

This is a common and intricate question. There are many factors that may affect a person’s size. We only know about a few and a real expert will know more. However, the little we know is enough to provide an accurate answer to the question of whether it is healthy to be plus size. The short anwer is “It depends!”. I know, so annoying when you ask a question and the answer is this. Please bare with us while we try to explain why the short answer to this question is not so straight forward as you may think.

We already wrote about how a person’s DNA could decide from the very beginning whether they will be in the plus size group. There are many other factors that affects this. A person may have the DNA of a plus size group but still stay out of this group for a significant part of their lives if they have certain habits that allows the other factors to influence their size. Similarly, a person with the genes of a skinny person may end up in the plus size group if they have habits that encourage this. This is why the short answer is “It depends”.

Let’s make this simple with examples of each case. A person born with the DNA of a plus size and eats healthy is considered healthy. In another case, a person has the genes of a skinny individual but does not eat or exercise in a healthy manner may end up in the plus size with an unhealthy pattern. In another case, a person has the genes of a plus size person but is an athlete that eats well and exercises multiple times a day. This case is also healthy.

A Conclusion

You can see how a person’s genes and other factors will deeply influence the answer to the question of health. If you find out you are in the plus size group for any reason, then it is better to shop at Catherines or another plus size brand so that you can get comfortable with what you wear. If you think you are in plus size groups for an unhealthy reason then consider seeing a professional, doctor, or fitness expert to have a plan to become healthy. In the end, it is really about your health and not your size.

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Walgreens Unbelievable Deals To Use At Anytime And Where To Find More Deals

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We all know Walgreens as a great place to go when in need of medical supplies. If you are in need of over the counter medicine, vitamins, pain relievers, body care, foot care, beauty products, you can find just about anything related to this in your local store.

If you are like me, then you may prefer to go to the actual store and look on the shelves before deciding on what to buy at Walgreens. Depending on what you are looking for, you can find many different versions of the same item at varying prices. The bigger brands are usually the most expensive, and the smaller brands are typically cheaper and may provide the relief you need. Whenever in doubt, be sure to look at reviews before deciding on a particular product. If you are unable to find trusted reviews for a particular product, then take the item to the pharmacy and ask for a professional opinion.

Online Deals

Once you familiarize yourself with a particular brand, it is quicker to order online instead of going to the actual store. This is the more comfortable option especially if you already have a very busy schedule. Again, remember to go to the store first and ask for a professional opinion before buying the product online. We recommend to only buy products that you are familiar with online and to make sure that you are getting the real deal from the online store. With all of this done, you can take advantage of available online deals.

Here is a list of available Walgreens deals today that can be very helpful. You can find the full list of current Walgreens cyber monday deals here.

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The Best Three Products To Get Healthy Hair And Skin For Your Baby

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Mother and Baby

Most mothers have gone through trial and error processes in trying to find the right hair and skin products for their babies. This process is usually the most frustrating for mothers. It usually costs a lot of money, time and they fall into the risk of babies having bad reactions.

Well i’m a mother and I have definitely been there before. I have tried almost every baby product and I am very happy to recommend three products that made my baby’s hair and skin very healthy.

It's best to keep your baby's hair and skin healthy
It’s best to keep your baby’s hair and skin healthy

The worst thing

The worst thing is when a baby has very dry skin and scalp. Dry skin and scalp leads to a cradle cap or cracking skin. When you start using a baby product brand, remember that one product might work where others might not. Do not be quick to buy all the products of a baby brand because you might end up finding out that only the shampoo works for you. Here are three products that work perfectly together for babies.

Shea Moisture Baby Lotion: For your baby skin

Shea Moisture baby lotion is best for baby skin
Shea Moisture baby lotion is best for baby skin

This product is amazing for baby skin. It is made of raw shea butter and acts as a healing lotion to evenly moisturize baby skin and prevent and cracking or dry skin. Some people prefer to use natural oils for their baby’s skin but this can actually encourage dry skin because oils usually sit on top of the skin and hardly penetrate into the skin. However, the wrong body lotion can also give the same result.

The Shea Moisture baby lotion has ingredients like shea butter and argan oil that will fight against dry skin. It’s a very popular baby product and has excellent review from so many mothers. It can be found in Walmart, Target and Amazon and is very affordable when compared to other baby products. You can also take advantage of the cyber monday deals to get this product at a discounted price.

Aveeno baby wash & shampoo: For your baby’s hair and skin at bath time

Use Aveeno baby wash and shampoo for baby bath time
Use Aveeno baby wash and shampoo for baby bath time

We recommend this product for baby bath time to wash your baby’s body and hair. It is almost impossible to prevent soap from getting to your baby’s eyes or mouth during bath time. You definitely want to go with a baby wash and shampoo that is especially friendly to your baby’s adorable eyes.

It is so surprising to know that so many baby wash and shampoos are harsh to the baby’s eyes. Be sure to test them by washing your own face and attempting to open your eyes while your face is still very soapy and see if your eyes burn. If it burns your eyes, you can imagine how harsh it will be for a baby. After this test, we found that Aveeno baby wash and shampoo did not burn. Instead Aveeno baby wash is great in calming babies and getting smoother skin. Aveeno baby wash and shampoo can be found in Walmart, Target and Amazon and is very affordable when compared to other baby products. You can also take advantage of the cyber monday deals to get this product at a discounted price.

Coconut Oil: For your baby’s hair, scalp and bum

Use coconut oil for baby hair, scalp and bum
Use coconut oil for baby hair, scalp and bum

Consider the coconut. The trunks and the leaves. The island gives us all we need. Coconut oil is generally used for cooking but it is also an amazing product for baby hair, scalp and baby bum.

Coconut oil keeps your baby’s scalp moist without being too oily. It does not cause product build up and it helps to soften your baby’s hair. Coconut oil also helps to prevent diaper rash by keeping the diaper area moist. It is a natural oil so you don’t need to worry about harmful ingredients and it’s healthy for both baby and mommy.

Be sure to check the ingredient of the coconut oil label and make sure that the only ingredient is 100% coconut oil. You can find this natural oil in Walgreens,  Walmart, Target and Amazon and is very affordable when compared to other baby products. You can also take advantage of the cyber monday deals to get this product at a discounted price.

These are our recommendations but it’s always best to seek medical advice from your pediatrician or dermatologist.

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Allergy Relief Is Needed So Pay Attention To Allergy Symptoms

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Allergy Relief 

Allergy can be very uncomfortable. You may be going about your normal daily activities living and breathing and then all of a sudden you feel very sick because of an allergy. Allergic reactions can come from anywhere and when it happens you can feel all alone. Even more interesting, is when an allergic reaction relieves itself almost as quickly as it came. You need a realistic and predictable response to allergy symptoms in form of allergy reliefs.

Pay attention to allergy symptoms

Allergy symptoms do come and go as they please. It is very easy to forget to pay attention to allergy symptoms. Allergic reactions can disappear in a matter of moments as quickly as they came. Some people experience long lasting symptoms and this is usually a trigger to pay attention to curbing the symptoms. However, for those who experience short bursts of allergic symptoms, it’s easy to overlook the fact that allergy can be managed and symptoms can be prevented. Whether you experience long or short lasting symptoms, it’s advised to pay great attention to it and prevent any consequences that could result from untreated allergy.

Know the difference

You can tell the difference between an allergic reaction and a cold by looking at the nature of some symptoms. An allergic reaction is typically clear, light, thin liquid while a cold can have a thick mucus membrane. Whenever in doubt check with a medical professional on any symptoms you experience.

Read product reviews

Be sure to read reviews on whatever you consider before you decide on an allergy  relief medicine or therapy. You can learn a lot from reviews of any product. When reading reviews on allergy relief medicine, check for the bad reviews and try to understand why some users have posted bad reviews. Also, look at the average of all reviews to get an idea of how many positive feedbacks the product gets when compared to the negative feedbacks. This will help you to decide on whether to go with a product or not.

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Baby Cradle Cap And How To Get Rid Of It In 3 Basic Steps

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Baby Cradle Cap

Many mums get carried away with some of the things that have to do with taking care of a baby like feeding, bathing, cleaning and the list goes on. So it’s not surprising that some babies end up with baby cradle cap especially in the early months.

If your baby has baby cradle cap, don’t feel bad and please don’t panic. Baby Cradle Cap is a temporary condition that is usually self treatable with three easy steps. This means that you need to take some time off other things and pay a little bit more attention to your baby’s scalp especially while treating Baby Cradle Cap.

Baby Cradle Cap is when Crusting and yellow or white scales appear on a baby’s scalp. This is usually on the front, mid-scalp crown area of the scalp.

3 steps to get rid of baby cradle cap
identifying baby cradle cap

Here are three easy steps you can take to get rid of baby cradle cap

Apply a natural oil to your baby’s scalp twice a day

You can use any natural oil such as olive oil, argan oil, or shea moisturizers oil rub. You should apply the oil to your baby’s scalp after washing the scalp once in the morning and night. Be sure to massage the oils into your baby’s scalp gently with the top of your fingers.  The cradle cap should disappear after doing this for about two weeks but be sure to continue moisturising the baby’s scalp to prevent dry skin. Dry skin is often the cause of the cradle cap.

Shampoo your baby’s scalp twice a day

Shampooing helps to prevent product build up on your baby’s scalp and wash away the peeled skin from the cradle cap. It also Helps to soften the cradle cap and allow the natural oil to penetrate on your baby’s scalp. It is recommended to use a soft brush to brush through your baby’s hair while shampooing.

Comb through your baby’s hair twice a day 

After you have shampooed your baby’s hair and applied the natural oil, use a comb that has really close teeth to gently comb out the cradle cap peelings. You can also use the comb to lift the cradle cap off your baby’s scalp but be sure to do this very slowly and gentle to prevent any pain or bruising. The cradle cap should disappear after following the steps for about two weeks but be sure to continue moisturizing the baby’s scalp to prevent any dry skin.

These steps are our recommendations but it’s always best to seek medical advice from your pediatrician or other medical professional.

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