Four Easter Gift Ideas for kids that won’t break the bank

Easter Gift Ideas

Easter is an amazing time of the year and should definitely be celebrated. So many people celebrate Easter in different ways but it’s usually with the people you love around you. Kids also really love Easter, they love the Easter Egg hunt, spending time with family and friends and they most definitely love the Easter presents! Here’s 4 great Easter gift ideas that are very affordable:

an easter book is a good gift idea
an easter book is a good gift idea

An Easter Book

An Easter book could be one of the best gifts you can get a child for Easter. A kid friendly book that tells the real story of why we celebrate Easter. So many kids get carried away with Easter chocolates, Easter eggs and parties and sometimes don’t know the real story behind Easter. You can get this book from so many places like Amazon, Walmart or Target.

an easter egg is a good easter gift
an easter egg is a good easter gift

An Easter Egg

During Easter season you’ll see so many Easter eggs up for sale. It could be a chocolate Easter egg, you definitely can’t go wrong with chocolate when it comes to kids. Or if your child likes art, you could get a Design-your-own Easter Egg pack that let’s your child draw and design different patterns on Easter eggs that can be used during the Easter egg hunt. This is a great way to spend some quality time with the kids and bring out their creative side. You can find really affordable eggs at Walmart, Amazon or Target.

an easter teddy bear may be just the right gift
an easter teddy bear may be just the right gift

An Easter Teddy

Why not give your child a fluffy toy to snuggle and comfort them. Easter is the best time to spoil your children with Easter teddy bears that they will cherish and grow to love. You definitely can’t go wrong with an Easter teddy most kids love them. They have a huge selection in stores like Walmart.

easter clothes is a great gift idea
easter clothes is a great gift idea

An Outfit for Easter

If your celebrating Easter then you’ll want to do it in style. This is a chance to spoil your kids with a nice outfit that will make them look amazing this Easter and for other special days. Remember, you don’t have to break the bank to get nice outfits, you can get really affordable outfits at Walmart, Target or even  Macy’s.

Happy Easter!

If you are interested in finding the best online deals this easter, be sure to check out our deals section


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How to look expensive on a budget. Hint. It is not what you wear but how you wear it.

Look Expensive

It can be a bit frustrating when you see people wear things that are so expensive but still look so awful. Then there are others who look amazing but only spend a little on their outfit.  Which would you rather be? It’s definitely never what you wear, but how you wear it that decides how you look. Here’s a few tips to look expensive on a budget.

mix and match to look expensive on a budget
mix and match to look expensive on a budget

Mix and match

You don’t have to wear designer clothing from head to toe, you can simply have as little as one designer item and match it with other basic outfits. This could be an accessory such as a belt, a purse, jewelry or nice shoes that will stand out and brighten your outfit to make your basic casuals look expensive. It’s always best to take advantage of coupon and discounts sites to get the cheapest deals on any designer items so you get value for your money. You could literally wear a casual Forever21 dress and pair it with a classy designer purse from Macy’s and you’ll have a Classy outfit.

less is more when you look expensive on a budget
less is more when you look expensive on a budget

Less is more

The easiest way to look expensive is to cover up. The less exposed your body is, the more classy you appear. Turtle neck tops and mid length dresses appear more sophisticated and people usually relate this with classy. You can easily get these type of clothing from casual stores like Topman, Lipsy, Forever21 or Macy’s.

act the part and look expensive on a budget
act the part and look expensive on a budget

Act the part

Two people could wear exactly the same outfit and make the outfits look very expensive or cheap. When you want to look expensive you need to act expensive. This is related to the way you do anything like walk, talk and eat. Acting the part goes a very long way. If you behave classy, your casual outfits will also look expensive.

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Budget: How to save and stick to a budget every month

How to Save with a budget

Budget and saving are a very popular topics to write about. An entire industry is built around budget and saving . Learning to save is very important to us, and we will continue to share more tips on saving.

In this post, we share a few tips on how to save and stick to a budget every month. This is easier said than done. For a lot of people, their next paycheck is already spent before it gets into their bank accounts. Monthly bills, meals, expensive gadgets, and other things that we get so accustomed to buying take a piece of the pie until we are left with nothing left saved. However the good news is that you will learn to stick to a budget and save money for the rainy day by following these steps.

Prepare yourself mentally to live on a budget

The biggest part of sticking to a budget is the mental preparation. To stick to a budget month to month you will need to have a lot of self control. You have to say “no” to spending money on anything that’s not included on the budget. This exercise is very difficult at first but it gets easier with practice. Before deciding to stick to a budget and doing it, you need to think about what it means to live on a budget. Convince yourself that sticking on a budget is for the greater good.

This point is listed first in order to stress the importance of mental preparedness. Sometimes we rush into a decision only to discover that the decision was not right. Sticking to a budget is in many ways similar to any other decision that we make. If you don’t prepare yourself mentally before embarking on the budget journey, you’ll easily spend money on other things that is not on the budget and you will not be able to save as you had originally intended.

Plan wisely to live on a budget

Planning is very important when deciding to stick to a budget. To help you do this, open up an excel spreadsheet and create a budget that you’ll follow religiously. Remember to only spend money on the bare necessities and even when you spend try to find the best online deals. On the top of the budget, put the amount you make every month. Then add lines for all the bills each month. Put things in there like car payment, budget for groceries, debt management. Only put important things and necessities. Then allow a small amount for extras like going out and enjoyment. This step is optional. If your money inflow is not large enough then you may not have enough room for extras. Get a mentor, friend, classmate, significant other, to keep you accountable. This needs to be someone you can trust to keep checking on you about your goals.

Make changes required to live on a budget

This step is actually two steps in one. First you need to analyze your current spending behavior honestly. Be critical and look for things that you can cut off, or you can reduce the amount you spend on it. For example if you drive a Tesla, then maybe it’s ok to drive a Hyundai instead.

Another example is if you eat out 5 times a week, then maybe you can reduce that to once or twice a week. If you have both a Netflix and Hulu Plus subscription, then maybe you need just Netflix, or maybe you need just Hulu Plus – it’s hard to say which is better these days. I am sure you can see the pattern here. You analyze your current spending behaviors and see how you can minimize it. The second part of this stage is actually making the changes you have identified. This is the difficult part but you can start small, which leads us to the next point.

Run a small test to live on a budget

After deciding to live on a budget, you need to run a small test to see that it is something you can do. Pick a small target, like a week or a month, and then try to follow a budget for that period. The advantage of this is that it puts less pressure on you. Doing something drastically different for a week or a month is more realistic than deciding to do it for 5 years. If you can do it for a month, then try doing it for another month and then another month.  If you achieve your 6 month goal, then try a year goal, then 5 years. Build your way up and in no time you’ll be so good at it.

Make more changes to live on a budget

As you make the changes required to follow a strict budget, you’ll quickly find out that some things need to change even after your initial plan. Be spontaneous and open to this kind of change. Always come back and reassess your initial plan to see how you can improve it. There are life changes like marriage, or having a child, that will require you to revisit your initial plan and make more changes.

Don’t get discouraged as you live on a budget

Do not be discouraged. If you fall then pick yourself back up and keep running. Sticking to a budget is no easy task. It’s daunting and requires a lot of discipline and self control. Stick to the plan. Pay great attention to the little things and find more opportunities to cut on things.

Check out our other post on “Benefits of Couponing”.

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Summer holiday and how you can afford it every year

Summer holiday

Everyone loves an amazing summer vacation and some time off to relax and spend quality time with loved ones. We all love an amazing summer holiday. Sadly not all of us can afford it or get the required time off work for it. Nothing should stop you from having that special summer holiday. Here are three steps to help make sure you don’t miss out on that amazing vacation year after year.

Always plan ahead for your summer holiday 

How far ahead? That depends. Sometimes life commitments prevent us from making impromptu decisions. This can be work, school or other things that get in the way. You are unable to just wake up and go. This is why it is a good idea to plan ahead. Also put your travel dates in your calendar early. Then get time off work ahead of time to prevent any surprises. Plan as early as six months to one year. Do not miss out on any key items for your holiday. Inform others that are part of the trip even before you put your pen to paper. This will help them to plan and take the required time off work.

Always book ahead for that summer holiday 

Money is another reason most people give for not going on holiday. However this is usually a real problem for last minute people. When you book ahead, you can benefit from cyber monday deals where you can get holiday package booking of great value for discounted prices. It’s always recommended to use websites like or Expedia as they often have the best holiday deals. Expedia may even go as far as giving 100% discounts on flights when you do a holiday package booking. By using these sites to book your holiday well ahead of time you can be sure to get the best deals on a small budget.

Always shop and pack your bags for the summer holiday ahead of time 

There is something nice about taking new clothes to wear on holiday. However when you shop and pack at the very last minute, you often end up packing too much which means you pay more for the shopping and might have to pay for an additional checked in bag. If you shop ahead, you can take advantage of many options available online using best online deals and you’ll have plenty of time to get them. Also packing ahead of time keeps you organized and helps you get all the things you need packed neatly into a carry-on bag if possible. This way, you don’t have to pay for an additional checked in bag.

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Baby Cradle Cap and how to get rid of it in 3 basic steps

Baby Cradle Cap

Many mums get carried away with some of the things that have to do with taking care of a baby like feeding, bathing, cleaning and the list goes on. So it’s not surprising that some babies end up with baby cradle cap especially in the early months.

If your baby has baby cradle cap, don’t feel bad and please don’t panic. Baby Cradle Cap is a temporary condition that is usually self treatable with three easy steps. This means that you need to take some time off other things and pay a little bit more attention to your baby’s scalp especially while treating Baby Cradle Cap.

Baby Cradle Cap is when Crusting and yellow or white scales appear on a baby’s scalp. This is usually on the front, mid-scalp crown area of the scalp.

3 steps to get rid of baby cradle cap
identifying baby cradle cap

Here are three easy steps you can take to get rid of baby cradle cap

Apply a natural oil to your baby’s scalp twice a day

You can use any natural oil such as olive oil, argan oil, or shea moisturizers oil rub. You should apply the oil to your baby’s scalp after washing the scalp once in the morning and night. Be sure to massage the oils into your baby’s scalp gently with the top of your fingers.  The cradle cap should disappear after doing this for about two weeks but be sure to continue moisturising the baby’s scalp to prevent dry skin. Dry skin is often the cause of the cradle cap.

Shampoo your baby’s scalp twice a day

Shampooing helps to prevent product build up on your baby’s scalp and wash away the peeled skin from the cradle cap. It also Helps to soften the cradle cap and allow the natural oil to penetrate on your baby’s scalp. It is recommended to use a soft brush to brush through your baby’s hair while shampooing.

Comb through your baby’s hair twice a day 

After you have shampooed your baby’s hair and applied the natural oil, use a comb that has really close teeth to gently comb out the cradle cap peelings. You can also use the comb to lift the cradle cap off your baby’s scalp but be sure to do this very slowly and gentle to prevent any pain or bruising. The cradle cap should disappear after following the steps for about two weeks but be sure to continue moisturizing the baby’s scalp to prevent any dry skin.

These steps are our recommendations but it’s always best to seek medical advice from your pediatrician.
Looking for cyber monday deals on baby items, check out this page. Put “baby” in the search bar and click on the search button. The professional online deals experts at oomfr have handpicked the best online deals on baby items and are happy to help.
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Online deals on shoes store macys and how to find the deals

Online deals

In this post we’ll review a store that you can find the best online deals on shoes – macys. We’ll also post the links to the best deals from macys and show you how to narrow your search to deals on shoes. Please note that the deals on the links are constantly updated to make sure that they actually work and continue to work. Feel free to comment or share below.

Macys online deals shoes

Macys has a collection of great online deals on shoes. Some deals on shoes at macys will look like these

  • Sperry Mens A/O White Cap Boat Shoes Now: $31.87(Was $74.99    Orig. $100.00)
  • 40% Off 3+ Pairs of Clarks Shoes
  • 15-20% Off Kids Shoes
  • 25% Off 1, 30% Off 2 Or 40% Off 3+ Pairs of Shoes
  • 50% Off ALL SHOE
  • NIKE WOMENS RUNNING SHOES NOW: Starting at $39.98
  • 40% OFF 3+, 30% Off 2 or 25% OFF 1 Pair of Shoes

Make sure you are always on the look out for deals like these when you shop online at Macys.

Characteristics of Macys Online deals on shoes

There are some great ways to tell that you are getting a good deal at macys. For the “Now” deals like

  • Sperry Mens A/O White Cap Boat Shoes Now: $31.87(Was $74.99    Orig. $100.00)

Do a price comparison on Google or other websites selling the same shoes to see that the price Macys is offering is the best deal. Then there are the 40% off markdowns which are usually limited time offers, so check to see that there is an end date associated to the deal before buying. Deals with end dates are limited time offerings that are designed to draw more buyers for the limited time only. This is usually where you find the icing on the cake.

Similarly, A 50% off ALL Shoes deal is a good online deal. These kind of deals will provide a link that will have the deal. Visiting the website directly or via another link may not give the same deal. This deal is also a limited time deal.

Moreover, you can get better online deals at macys when you buy more than one shoe. These deals will look like this

  • 25% Off 1, 30% Off 2 Or 40% Off 3+ Pairs of Shoes
  • 40% OFF 3+, 30% Off 2 or 25% OFF 1 Pair of Shoes

Therefore the more the shoes you buy the better the deal. Here you have 40% OFF for 3 shoes and just 25% OFF for 1 pair. Then this deal is good if you wanted to buy gifts for multiple family members or if you wanted to buy shoes for resale. Also these deals are usually for a limited time only.

Where to find Macys online deals on shoes

You can find Macys online deals on shoes by following this link and following the steps below.

Select macys from dropdown and type shoe in search bar then click search to find the best online deals on shoes
finding the best online deals on shoes at macys

Follow the steps below after clicking on the link above:

On the Stores dropdown, select Macys

In the search bar, type “Shoe

Click on Search button

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Ten things to do before your next flight

Here are ten things to do while you wait for your next flight.

Take a nap

Taking a nap, if you manage to fall asleep, helps to kill time fast and also helps you relax but make sure you set an alarm for about 45 mins before your flight so you don’t miss it. To quickly fall asleep, keep a clear mind, take a relaxing position, take very deep breathes and you’ll be dreaming in no time.

Listen to music 

Listening to music is another way to pass time. If you have a playlist then you can use it, otherwise you can create one or find one. Music gets you into a relaxed state of Mind and makes time go faster. By the time to go through every song on your playlist, you’ll find out it’s time to board.

Call your mum or grandma 

While you wait for your next flight, it may be the best time to call your mum or grandma. Mothers, grandmas, dads and grandpas are happy to talk and can help you pass some time if you get bored. Start by calling your most favorite person to talk to and if you are done talking and laughing, then move to the next favorite person to talk to and in no time it’ll be time to board.

People watch

This is one of my favorite things to do when waiting for the next flight. People watching can be very entertaining and you tend to learn new things about different people just by watching them. Don’t stare, be careful that you are not too obvious or you may offend someone.

Make a new friend

If you are someone that enjoys talking and meeting new people, the time when you are waiting on the next flight is the best time. Start by talking about something that’s common to you, like the flight. Some people are happy to talk about themselves and you can learn a great deal just by listening to them. Others do not like to talk much and you can easily tell when you meet someone like this, so keep it short. Other people are bored at the airport and happy to talk. Be polite and relaxed when you chat with a stranger and that stranger may become your new best friend.

Work out 

Some airports have a lot of space for you to walk around and some also have duty free areas to go. Take a walk through the shops and stretch your legs a little. Keep a good smile while you walk and you may brighten someone else’s day. If you get tired of walking, then find a seat near you to catch some breath before you continue walking. You can also find a secluded area to stretch if the airport is near empty though a random person stretching in a crowded airport is still acceptable.

Read a book/Say a little prayer 

If you are a religious person you can study your religion and say a little prayer. You can also consider meditating. You can also read a book to pass the time. Consider motivational books, fiction or any books that can inspire your mind to think so that time passes quickly. You can also consider catching up on any form of reading or homework.

Window shop 

There are usually duty free shops in the airport so you can window shop or take advantage of the duty free prices and buy something as a souvenir. You can also have a meal or a drink while you’re at it.

Get Social 

We all like social media platforms and there are so many available things to do on facebook, instagram, twitter and snapchat to pass time at the airport. Like away, comment, thumbs up and do all you can before you run out of charge.

Play Games

This is another favorite. Play the best online games to pass time while you wait for your next flight. While you are at it, you can get the best online deals and also save on your next purchase.



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Benefits of couponing that you should know about

Benefits of Couponing

Couponing is awesome, that’s a fact. If you are on this page, you are either an expert with coupons or you are just learning the coupon ropes. The good news is that no matter where you find yourself in the couponing spectrum, you are definitely at the right place. Couponing is the act of searching for discounts in order to save money on purchases. This could be paper coupons in newspapers and magazines, or online deals on coupon websites. Over time online couponing has become more and more popular as the shopping trends have shifted towards online shopping. Here is our pick of the benefits of couponing:

You save money

Saving money is a big benefit of couponing. A penny saved is a penny earned. By using coupons to get discounts on your daily purchases you end up saving on each purchase. By consistently utilizing coupons, you save more and more and the money saved can be used for other things.

You have better value for your money

Another good benefit of couponing is that you have a better value for your money. It is always a good feeling to know you got a good deal. It feels like an achievement when you get the satisfaction of knowing that you paid less than others for the same item. You have bragging rights and you have earned it.

You discover new products

So many products exist that can help make our daily routines simpler. We sometimes overlook them because we do not want to spend the money. The moment you see an amazing discount related to one of these products, you are instantly reminded that you need it. Sometimes you discover new products that may be very useful to you at amazing prices while looking online for deals on other similar products.

You help a family or friend

Not everyone has the time to search for coupons. While searching for discounts for yourself, you usually end up stumbling on another product that your family or friend may need. At the original price, the gift may be too expensive but once you have the coupon it becomes affordable. This is why most people will buy christmas gifts as early as black friday because they get the discounts on black friday.

You take some time off

A popular excuse most people give for not going on holiday is “money”. Couponing let’s you find great holiday deals so you can travel your wonders on a budget. You can take the vacation you’ve always been waiting for once you find the right travel coupon.

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