Score Predictions Chelsea FC December fixtures (Part 2 of 2)

Chelsea FC hosts Leicester City

The game between Chelsea FC and Leicester City will be full of fireworks.  Leicester City typically plays an open game with quick counter attacks. The team likes to take advantage of the quick players on the Roster like Jamie Vardy. However, Leicester City does not just sit back which will make for an exciting encounter.

On the other hand, Chelsea FC are on a run of good results. The win against Brighton and Bournemouth in the Carabao cup will give the Blues a mental advantage. Also, Hazard has been very phenomenal in recent weeks just as he has been through out his entire career. My prediction for this game is Chelsea 3 Leicester 1.

Chelsea at Watford

Watford are a tough opponent to crack at any point in the season. As a result Chelsea FC will have a very difficult game at Watford. Watford are  very technical and can hurt any team on the break and with set pieces. Chelsea will be looking to continue in winning ways in this game and will field a very strong side for this game. Score prediction for this game is Watford 2 Chelsea 3, with Chelsea maintaining a slight edge and continuing with the winning run.

Chelsea hosts Crystal Palace

The final game of the year means Chelsea will host Crystal Palace. This is expected to be a straight forward encounter to set up the pace for the new year. If Chelsea comes to this game in a run of wins, then it will make for an easier game. I expect Sarri to field a very strong team in order to make a mark before the new year. Crystal Palace has always been a tricky opponent for Chelsea, so this will not be a walk in the park.

I expect Crystal Palace to field a defensive side and defend for most of the game. However, I also predict that Chelsea will score an early goal that will open up the game. Chelsea 3 Crystal Palace 0.

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Score Predictions Chelsea FC December fixtures (Part 1 of 2)

Chelsea FC in December

Score Predictions at tricky! At the moment of writing, Chelsea FC sits in 4th place behind Manchester City, Liverpool and Tottenham. Is Chelsea out of the title race? It definitely depends on who you ask. As a chelsea fan and football fan, I would have said that Chelsea was definitely out of the title race, especially after the loss to Wolves and right before the phenomenal win against Manchester City. However since the masterclass against Manchester City, it is only fair to say, even as a die hard chelsea fan, that Chelsea are definitely still in the title race. You only have to look at the December run of games to come to the same conclusion.

Chelsea at Brighton Score Predictions

While Chelsea sits at 4th place, sharing the same points as Arsenal, Brighton sits at 13th place. This sets the stage for a tricky encounter between the two teams. Brighton are hungry to climb up the table and have nothing to lose in this game. Similarly, Chelsea are also looking to close the gap on leaders Manchester City and runner ups Liverpool, who has a tricky “match of the day” worthy encounter with established team Manchester United. What a good day for football fans! Our Chelsea score prediction for this game is Chelsea 2 Brighton 0. A good away win for the Blues.

Chelsea hosts Bournemouth Score Predictions

We all love the Premier League because anything can happen in this league. It is not uncommon to see a Top Six team lose to a small name. Even more recently was the season that ended up with Leicester City as title winners. With that said, Chelsea’s encounter with Bournemouth will be a hard one. Chelsea are favorites to win this game, but Bournemouth are definitely not popular for sitting back. This should be a very interesting game to watch for fans of both sides. We predict Bournemouth to have a very nice game with a defensive masterclass that will end with a very narrow win for Chelsea. Chelsea 1 Bournemouth 0.


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Black Friday Deals On Fashion, Electronics And More

Black Friday Deals

Here we go again. As you may know, if it sounds to good to be true, then it probably is too good to be true. Except if it’s a Friday, and not just any other friday, it is Black Friday! Throughout the year, fashion items and electronics can be very expensive, but on black friday, they become more affordable. But there is a catch, don’t be fooled for not everything you see on black friday is a true deal.

Consider yourself as a curious shopper. You have a need and you have a desire to fulfill that need. Let’s say you are preparing for a special prom night or party and you know just the dress you need to fulfill this dream. And you have decided to wait until black friday to buy the dress. First, you may actually not find the dress you are looking for on black friday because it is sold out before black friday. Many stores will start giving out good black friday deals in November and long before black friday week itself. A lot of people will take advantage of the deals that are leading up to black friday which means not all items will be available on black friday.

The curious shopper

Back to the curious shopper. You have waited until black friday to buy your dress(or a phone, pet, anything you like). Then you go to the store on black friday and you see a 50% off deal on your item(so you are lucky enough that your item is not sold out by the time you get there). You also see a price tag for $60 which means you are buying the dress at $30 with the black friday deal. As a happy buyer you use this black friday deal and leave the store feeling better. Here is a twist – what if you ran into an old friend that told you that they saw the exact same dress selling for $25 at another store earlier that year?

This may be the case for many people on Black Friday. Sometimes stores place a percent off deal on an item, but then they first of all hike up the price on the item and then with the percent off deal you are getting something closer to what the actual price of the item is. In this case, the percent off deal is only serving as more of an incentive for you to buy more on black friday.

A spending culture

Black friday is really a good reason to spend. It is a way that we create a spending culture and we provide ourselves with an undisputed reason or excuse to buy things. The fact that everything is advertised at amazing prices only adds more fuel to our spending culture. There are many reasons why most people go out to spend on Black Friday. For some it is the promise of owning something that could not and for some others it is a mere investment of time to buy something at lower than the market price only to make the profit by selling it later on ebay or amazon. For others it is the sport of looking and frantically searching through isles and isles of merchandise before finding the perfect deal on black friday.

Whatever your reason is to spend this black friday, it does not really matter because you do not have to answer to anyone about why or how you spend your money especially on black friday.

A second chance

While black friday gives a special chance to buy just about anything at a good price, there is also a second chance on cyber monday. Cyber monday or cyber week is when you see similar deals online for all the same items that were discounted in the stores during black friday. In fact, cyber monday could prove to be a more convenient option to black friday.

Generally, i prefer to buy electronics on cyber monday. First, you do not have to travel or run around the store to find the limited deals before the next person in line. You do not have to scream, shout and tug away all day just to get the deal you want. On cyber monday, a convenient second chance to black friday, you can simply click away and find most of the deals you are looking for right there infront of you. With the power of the tip of your fingers you can make numerous purchases on items at amazing deals.

Where do i spend my black friday?

At home. In the comfort of your family and friends, binge watching your favorite show on netflix, hulu and amazon. Eating left overs from thanksgiving and drinking away the very spirit of black friday.

This was probably not the answer you were looking for. Let’s try this again. If you know what you are looking for on black friday, then you know exactly where to spend your black friday. We recommend that you think about the specific item and how many people will likely want the same item. The store may have limited amounts for sale on black friday, so try to visit the stores with the items that are most likely to be sold out first. Then you can go to the other stores later since you have a better chance of still finding what you are looking for.

If you do not know what item you are looking for and just want to see all the deals out there and make the decision at the store, then go to your local walmart store. Walmart is always  a safe bet because they try to guarantee you the lowest prices on any item you buy from them. Another safe bet is Best Buy especially if you are looking to buy electronics and gadgets. A very safe online bet is Amazon. With amazon prime, you can benefit from quick delivery(and in some cases same day delivery) and other items like free streaming.

Don’t miss out

Whatever you do this black friday week, do not miss out on the spirit and atmosphere of your local town. Be part of the movement and get involved in the black friday spirit. You don’t have to buy anything, but at least get yourself out there and share a smile with someone else at your local store. If you miss out on black friday deals, then look for a second chance in cyber monday.

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Best Buy Black Friday Deals 2017 Information

Best Buy Black Friday

Are you looking for the hottest tech? If you like electronics and gadgets then chances are you shop at Best Buy. The new iphone(at the time of writing) is starting at about $999 and there are iphone models that are marked up as $1149. This is a sign that the hottest tech is not going to the low end anytime soon. News is that because of scarcity, the new iphone may be marked up by another $400 at certain retail or resale outlets. Is this good news? No.

For those that are looking to sign in on the latest tech, we recommend that you visit a  Best Buy store to see their selection. If you want to save on the latest tech, and you are willing to take the risk of waiting for Best Buy Black Friday, then this is also ok. The risk about waiting for Best Buy Black Friday is that you may end up missing out if the hot items become sold out before Black Friday.

“Television Sets are becoming more affordable. You can find great deals on television sets at Best Buy”

There is nothing more scintillating than having the perfect size and picture quality for you man cave. There was a time when it was very hard to find any tv set with a large screen for a great price. Times have changed now, and “Television sets are becoming more affordable. You can find great deals on television sets at Best Buy”.

When looking to save on television sets at Best Buy, be sure to do a compare of the in store prices vs online prices. You may find out that there is an online only deal that gives you the best price on the television. This is an important step because it makes all the difference. In addition to checking on Best Buy online store for the deals, you should also check at your local walmart store, and walmart online for the prices of the same electronics. Walmart likes to guarantee the lowest prices, so we found that in most cases, walmart does have the lowest prices. However there are also cases where you can find even lower prices at other stores when they are offering promo codes and coupon codes that will beat those at walmart.

“Saving money is an Art. It is a style and you get better at it by practicing just like any other skill”

When you get really good at saving money, you have learned a skill that will last you an entire lifetime. It is a soft skill that is worth a million dollars. You don’t learn how to save like a pro in school. You learn by practicing, by observing and by failing. Failing is very important when you are learning how to save. There are many ways to fail and sometimes miserably when buying electronics. The first and easiest way to fail at saving, is when you get carried away with the ambience, the features, the selling pitch and you grab the low hanging fruit that is dangled in front of you at a high price. This is typically how this plays out – you go to your local Best Buy store and you find an item(let’s say a camera) that you really like.

Once you glance at the camera, you immediately feel like you want this camera, and you fantasize about using the camera or giving it as a gift to a special someone. At this point, you are already sold. You are willing to pay any amount to own this camera. After all, it is the camera of your dreams. At this point you are failing so miserably at saving without even knowing it. The asking price looks good to  you, since you can afford it. Sometimes you are even convinced that the quality of the camera is what makes it so expensive. Is this really the case? You will never know because you buy the camera at the asking price, and fail miserably at saving.

“Ask questions when you are not sure you are getting the best price for the item. This may make the difference on how much you really save.”

The easiest way to start saving is by asking questions. What questions? Questions that are geared towards saving, even if you only save pennies. When you ask questions, you also create a critical mind about the product. If you were shopping at your local Best Buy on Black Friday and you saw a smart watch that you really liked. The fact that you really like the smart watch and have the money in hand has already sold you on the item. However you ask a simple question.

Am i getting the best price for this item here at Best Buy black friday? Once you ask yourself this simple question, you create a good doubt in your mind that will help you to save on the watch. In no time, you are looking at other websites for the same item and comparing prices. A simple google search can point you into the right direction. When you do this, you will find out that sometimes you find the same item for hundreds of dollars less on a competing store when you use a promo code. You have not taken your first steps towards learning the art of saving on everything.

“Saving can be very addicting. Best Buy Black Friday will provide an amazing opportunity to save on tech.”

If you are not sure on where to find the best deals and lowest prices on tech during the year, then consider waiting until Black Friday and visiting your local Best Buy store or checking on their website. There are opportunities to save all year round at Best Buy especially on their online store. Black friday is the single day in the year where you are meant to be guaranteed the best deals and lowest prices on clear out tech. If you want to get a good idea about the best deals throughout the year, then consider looking at the offerings on Black Friday.

Saving can be very addicting. When you use promo codes and coupon codes to save, be sure that you are only buying the items you really need. If you buy items you do not need, then you are really not saving with the deals. You are hoarding (except if you resell the item or gift it). We recommend that you don’t buy because of a great deal. Buy only because you really need the item.

Best Buy Black Friday Experiences

If you have visited your local Best Buy store on Black Friday, or on any day, and you have anything to share about some of the deals you found. Share your experience with us in the comments below. Someone else may be able to learn a thing or two about saving!

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The Ultimate Guide To Couponing 2017

Couponing 2017

Imagine you went to the store to buy some new items and then you have to check out. You notice that there are new options for adding coupon codes in order to save money at check out but you do not have any coupon codes, so you pass. This happens far too often, you keep passing on coupons. Then one day, you are checking out as usual but this time you see that the person checking out in front of you has a coupon and saves up to 20% on their purchase.

These are the benefits of couponing. You can save on just about anything by using coupons. For those that are used to couponing, you may read on to see if there is anything new you can find in this post. Or you can also contribute by commenting at the end of the post. If you have any specific tips on couponing that can be helpful to our readers then feel free to share in the comments below. If you are new to couponing, then read on to learn about how you can find great deals on just about anything.

Couponing in the year 2017 follows the trend in previous years. The correct strategies to save money depends on your spending habits. Are you someone that likes to go to the store, or someone that prefers to shop online? Do you prefer to buy in bulk or do you prefer little purchases? The answers to these questions can greatly influence your saving strategy.

I prefer to go to the store.

If you prefer to go to the store, then you can save on just about anything you can lay your hands on in the store. The key is in asking the right questions and also searching online for saving tricks for the specific store. One tip is to ask at the store for any specific daily deal for the item. Some times the stores will have deals that you can use right at the checkout. Another good question to ask is where to find the coupons for the specific store. Each store is different, and we cannot say that the places that work for the stores we have visited will also work for your store. This is why it is best to ask the right questions at your local store. You will generally find coupons to stores in newspapers and other marketing outlets.

If you see a coupon in a newspaper, do you consider using the coupon just because it is a great deal? This is the catch. If you are trying to save, then you do not want to spend money on unnecessary items. We recommend that you make a list of the items you need and absolutely need, before going out to find coupons for that specific item. We found that if you go in search of coupons, you will end up spending more than usual because there is just so many coupons for great deals on items you do not really need. The lure can be quite significant that you end up spending on the other items.

I prefer to shop online.

If you are someone that prefers to shop online, then you can save with online coupons that will link you directly to the product. For online shoppers, you can choose from a variety of techniques to save through online couponing. Look out for email coupons. A lot of online stores use email marketing to lure new and old buyers into buying at discounted prices. These email marketing messages will typically have the coupon codes as part of the message. These codes may be only valid for a certain period so be sure to  read the messages carefully so you do not miss out on the coupon.

The downside to the email messages is that you can get overwhelmed with the number of email marketing messages that show up in your inbox. As a result, you may be tempted to ignore, skip or delete the messages. Our view is that if you have a specific store that you like to shop frequently at, then you should look for their coupons in your inbox.

Use Coupon Sites

Another good way to save when you shop online all the time is by using the deals from coupon sites. These sites do the work of scouring through all the coupons to find you the best deals available for each niche. If you have a specific item in mind that you are looking to buy, then you should search for the available deals on the coupon websites. You can find coupon codes that you can copy and use on the actual site to knock percents off your next purchase. A lot of times, the coupon sites will give you specific links that will have the discounts already active on the vendors website. This approach makes it very easy to buy at discounted prices.

You can find deals online that will let you save on your next purchase. So buy small and keep it simple. Use the coupons to save on your next purchase. If you had 5 items to buy on the same online store. You can start by only purchasing the first 2 items. If the store offers deals on your next purchase, then you can use the new coupon to save for the last 3 items. This is a technique that a lot of people miss. By the time the coupon is provided to the user, they have already purchased all the items that they intended to buy. In this case, they end up spending more than originally intended just to use the coupons.


Couponing is awesome and can sometimes become a daunting task. Couponing in 2017 is no different than in other years. If you plan to save by using coupons, then you should do it right. Ask about the best places to find the coupons for the specific store. If you are someone that prefers to shop online, then check your emails for coupons, use coupon websites, and also use the coupons that are provided on your online store.
If you have other tips that you will like to share on how to save by using coupons in 2017, then leave a comment below.

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Microsoft Cyber Monday Deals For Laptops, Tech, Hardware And Electronics

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When it comes to laptops and computers, you cannot do without Microsoft. We live in a tech age where everything is getting faster and quicker and we are at the very early stages of a new technology called artificial intelligence or AI. Think about how you are able to make decisions based on different factors and how you are able to make a choice. The race for technology that will do just that, better than we do, has already begun and there is very high probability that computers will be designed that have the ability to think and make choices quicker and faster than we do. Until then, we have to make do with what we have.

Microsoft is at the fore front driving technology that shapes and changes the way we live and do things. Computers are everywhere, laptops are getting smaller and all devices are getting smarter. Facial recognition technology and text-to-speech or speech-to-text conversions have modified the way we use computers today. The cell phone is a very powerful tool and cloud technology has only magnified the ability of this interface. The kind of technology that microsoft develops also serves as an enabler of creative thinking. Many developers across the world are able to use this technology to create applications that help to make life easier and applicable. But is all the technology really good for you?

Why Technology

There is the case that not all technology is good for you. There is a popular belief that too much of anything can be bad for you. In this way, too much use of technology is also very bad for you. However, when writing about some of the reasons why technology can be bad for you, we are not referring to the case of abuse of overuse of any technology. The use of technology creates a new way of thinking and doing things.

Was the old way better? Does easier also mean better? These are questions to consider before you decide to use any piece of tech. Let us consider fitness for example. The human body needs mobility and exercise and it was easier for you to get the mobility when there was not a lot of technology. Another example is the case of human interaction in social media. Social media serves to connect the entire world in one platform and this is good except that when it becomes very easy to connect online, it takes away from the time that would have been used to actually connect physically.

Consider self driving cars technology. This new technology will make the highway much safer since cars can talk to each other and prevent collisions faster than humans can. Routing technology can also prevent or reduce traffic jams and hence enable you to get to your destination quicker and more effectively. However, this same technology may be responsible for many people losing jobs and their only means of livelihood. Like many other things, there are advantages of new technology and many disadvantages also. If you are able to manage the disadvantages then using new technology will be an amazing experience.

Why Tech Can Be Expensive

Tech is fascinating and it can be very expensive for this reason. Building tech requires specific skills that can take many years to master. There is also a lot of intellectual property associated which each new release of a device. Most smart devices that are developed today are made by big companies like microsoft that have a lot of engineers working everyday on the hardware and software that is used to develop the product. This and many other reasons will make new technology very expensive.

Online deals and promo codes on tech can help to reduce the amount you have to spend to buy the latest laptops. Microsoft has a lot of coupons with percent off deals on laptops and phones. If you are looking to buy a lenovo or hp laptop for a great price, then you should look at which microsoft deals are available for these.

Microsoft Cyber Monday Deals

There is more information about laptop black friday deals. Visit this page to find the best microsoft deals. Here is a list of similar deals that you can find.


  1. $100 Off Lenovo Ideapad 710s Plus Touch
  2. Surface Pro 4 Now: Starting At $649 Plus Free Shipping And Returns
  3. $100 Off Lenovo Flex 5 15in (i5-7200U/8GB/256GB)
  4. Save Up To $200 Off Dell Inspiron 13 I5378-3601GRY-PUS 2 In 1 PC
  5. $100 Off Lenovo Flex 5 15in (i7-7500U/16GB/256GB+1TB)
  6. Save Up To $150 Off HP ENVY Curved 34-b011 All-In-one PC
  7. 30% Off Adobe Photoshop Elements 15
  8. Save Up To $200 Off Dell Inspiron 11 I3168-0702GRY 2 In 1 PC
  9. $150 Off Surface Book
  10. Save Up To $600 Off Select PCs Plus Bonus Intel Creativity Starter Pack
  11. Free Shipping And Returns With Back To School Essentials
  12. Save Up To $150 Off HP Pavilion 24-b231 All-In-One
  13. $150 Off Microsoft Surface Pro SP4 Core M And 128GB
  14. SP4 i5 256  Bundle W. Black Type Cover Now: $899
  15. 10% Off SP4 i5 SP4 i5 256  Bundle With Black Type Cover Now: $999 For Students
  16. Save Up To $533 Off Certified Refurbished Surface Book Devices
  17. Free 3mon Of Groove Music With Any Surface Device Purchase
  18. The Walking Dead Season 3 Now: $34.99
  19. New Platforming, Collecting Adventure In Yooka-Laylee Now: $39.99
  20. It’s A Tale As Old As Time, Beauty And The Beast Now: $19.99
  21. The Forza Horizon 3 Mountain Dew Car Pack Now: $6.99
  22. 4yrs Office 365 For College Students Now: $79.99
  23. Black Sails Season 4 Now: $19.99
  24. Magic: The Gathering Comes To Minecraft Now: $9.99
  25. Free Shipping And Free Returns


  1. Greek Mythology in Minecraft Now: $26.99
  2. ABZU Now $19.99
  3. Asus TP501UQ Now: $699
  4. Lenovo Y700 Touch (i7/8GB/1TB) Now: $999
  5. HP Pavilion 17 (i7/12GB/1TB) Now:  $899
  6. Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Yoga Now:  $2299
  7. NuVision Solo 10 Draw (Pink) Now:  $149
  8. Dell XPS 15 (i7/16GB/512GB) Now: $1699
  9. Lenovo Ideacentre AIO 910 Now:  $1499
  10. Asus ROG GL502VM-UH71 Now: $ 1199
  11. Toshiba Radius 12 (i7/8GB/256GB) Now: $699
  12. Dell XPS 15 (i7/32GB/1TB) Now: $2199
  13. Huawei Matebook Gold (8GB/256GB) Now: $799
  14. Dell Inspiron 13 5000 (i5/8GB/1TB) Now: $499
  15. Huawei Matebook Gray (4gb/128gb SSD) Now:  $649
  16. Dell Inspiron 15 i5559-7081SLV Now: $599
  17. Acer Spin 5 SP513-51-56YW Touch Now: $599
  18. Nuvision Solo 10 Draw (Blue) Now:  $149
  19. Dell Alienware 15 (i7/16GB/256GB Plus 1TB) Now: $1299
  20. Nuvision 10.1  Windows 10 Signature Edition Tablet With Pen Now:  $149
  21. Lenovo Stick 300 Now:  $99
  22. Nuvision 10.1  Windows 10 2in1 With Pen Now:  $199
  23. Lenovo Yoga 900 (i7/8GB/256SSD) Now: $999
  24. HP ENVY Notebook 15-AS191MS Now: $899
  25. Lenovo Yoga 900 (i7/16GB/512SSD) Now: $1299
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Sam’s Club Cyber Monday Deals So You Can Save And Live Better

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Sam’s Club

The more you dig into saving, the more you learn and enjoy it. Have you met anyone that was not looking to save? Probably Not. Some people have ample resources to not worry too much about saving. Even extremely wealthy people will not pass out an opportunity to save some money. Sam’s club provides many opportunities to save. This explains why they are so popular. There is really nothing complicated about the way sam’s club operates. You pay a certain fee for a subscription with them and you gain access to great prices on items sold in the store. Here’s the catch, you have to buy in bulk.

We took some time to try to analyze why sam’s club system happens to work out for many people. Here we try to solve the question of why people go ahead with a sam’s club membership giving that they have to pay for the membership before they can buy anything in most cases. Why are people not okay with just going to the regular supermarket that does not require any subscription in order to buy things. Other supermarkets have a rewards system that is based on subscription to “something” either a debit or credit card or another card that will have their name and logo on it so that you can benefit from exclusive deals.

Many Similarities

As you explore the methods that stores employ to capture you, the reader, you will begin to see a pattern. Are the stores doing you a favor by offering these deals at an amazing price? Not really. But are the stores doing themselves a favor? Definitely yes. In each of these systems where a buyer is lured into shopping at a particular store with a deal or promise of lowered prices, you can find these similarities.

  1. A form of membership or subscription is required. Afterall, you need to feel like you are part of an elite group to participate.
  2. You are promised a better experience by this subscription. Here comes the bait to lure you into a money saving experience with them.
  3. It is still your choice to make. When given the choice, you will try to come up with the best decision. With the option to save dangled in front of you, you will most likely choose it since there is nothing to lose.
  4. Some of your information is given. Information is worth something, and by giving out your information and allowing the stores to monitor your shopping patterns, you are giving out something that is worth a lot to the stores.

Is It Too Good To Be True?

A rule of thumb is that if it sounds too good to be true, except on black friday or cyber monday, then it is too good to be true. We recommend that you always ask the question – what is the catch?  when a new deal or subscription of saving opportunity is dangled right in front of you. Be smart about your choice, and always be aware of the consequences. Sam’s club works for the most part because you get what you are paying for. When you buy a subscription at Sam’s Club, you get to shop at the store or online. The store provides bulk prices for items, prices you would not find if you visited your local supermarket on a normal day. However you need to shop carefully to truly benefit from the system that is dangled in front of you. The system works because the higher the quantity is, the lower the price.

Up goes quantity and down goes price
Up goes quantity and down goes price

Sam’s club works if you shop smartly. This system is not built for you to shop for everything at the store. Ideally, the system works if you have a big family or a big group to feed. If you are throwing a go away party or you have the entire extended family, then consider shopping at sam’s club. If you are single, then be smart about what you plan to buy. Consider the case where you buy a lot of things from sam’s club at amazing prices but you end up tossing them out because you never used them or they expired. For a single person or one with a small family it is better to combine your sam’s club membership with “something else” like shopping at a regular store for smaller perishable items.

One More Tip

For you to benefit from buying in bulk, you should buy less distinct items but more of a single item. The more you buy across the board, the more money you spend at these kind of stores. Make a list of 5 items that you plan to buy and be disciplined to defer purchase of other items not on your list. Saving is enticing, and many times we end up buying too many things because we were trying to save only for these items to go to waste. The holy grail is when you are able to combine the benefits of a store like sam’s club with your regular retail outlet, and you will be getting the best of both worlds.

Sam’s Club Cyber Monday Deals

If you are looking for Sam’s Club cyber monday deals, then check on this page. You can find a deal like Free Shipping With Select Back To Class Items. If you are interested in more deals from other top name brands, then also check out this page. Always look for available deals when you shop both online and at the stores. It is a good idea to look at the prices of the items you are buying at the store online. If you find a better price online, you can see if you can buy the item at the store for the online price and then pick it up from the store instead. If you are able to do this you can save some money. Another style is to check for free shipping deals online so that you can buy the item for a discounted price and also have it shipped to you for free.

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Rosegal Cyber Monday Deals For Vintage, Plus and Trendy Fashion Styles

Who is the happier buyer? Name brand versus affordable high quality
Who is the happier buyer? Name brand versus affordable high quality

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Rosegal Trends

Many words come to mind when describing Rosegal. We only hear about the big name brand fashion power houses in the united states. These are power houses with a massive budget to flood all the mainstream media and advertising outlets with images of their presence. Along with this big marketing budget comes a culture that places high value on products with the specific name brand. Whereas the item by itself may cost just five dollars to make, along with the name brand carefully crafted it is now worth thousands of dollars. Rosegal trends have high quality fashion at very affordable prices.

Big name brand us stores are great in that they have spent a great deal of time and money to make sure that you are buying the highest quality of materials free of counterfeit low quality items. This is great in that you are guaranteed that you are buying a quality product, for the most part, by shopping at the big name brands. This is especially good when you are affluent with a lot of cash to spare. However, if you are someone that is struggling to pay the bills, which is most of us, you are left biting your teeth.

Pride Of Big Name Brands

We all place a lot of value on affluence. Affluence is a direct reflection of your ability to influence society, your class, and the nature of people that fall within your circles. This is why we place a lot of value on how rich a person is which translates to the values we place on the social triggers that indicate a person’s influence. When you think more about the importance of your social status, it is easy to see why much pride is placed on Big Name Brands. The pride of big name brands is really what drives the prices up. By placing so much worth on the brand name, we are in fact digging our own holes without really knowing.

Are Bigger Name Brands Just For The Rich

Are big name brands only for the rich? No. We often find many cases where a big and expensive name brand becomes affordable. There are good times to shop the big name brands for cheap. The key to finding this is looking for deals, price drops and clearances for these brands. Some TV shows offer big name brands for low prices to their viewers.

Brand Aside, How Do I Look Good For Cheap?

Let me start by asking you a question. How many times does someone walk up to you when you are out to check the design tag on your dress? The truth is that most people appreciate beauty and class. Beauty and class does not necessary translate to expensive. For the most part, expensive is tied to the brand name. By paying a lot, you are included in the special group of people that own products from the specific brand. The high prices limits the number of people that can wear the brand. However, you can find high quality and very beautiful fashion pieces at very low prices too.

The Dangers Of Low Price Fashion

Often times when you shop low price fashion you will easily see that there are many dangers associated to it. You may end up with counterfeit and low quality items that would easily wear and tear. You may find out that the item does not look good on you and you look nothing like the model on the showcase when you wear it. There are many items out there that have low quality and will sell for low prices. However, the holy grail is in the products that have the highest quality and will still sell for affordable prices.

Here is how to find these items. They are typically big brands items in other countries that are willing to sell for low prices to the american market. In the local currencies, these fashion trends my turn out to be very expensive. This is where Rosegal comes in. Rosegal has a lot of vintage, plus size and trendy fashion items for very affordable prices. They also offer free shipping worldwide on most of their products.


The Happier Buyer

At oomfr, we like to stress happiness as a key factor of the quality of a person’s life. This begs the question of who the happier buyer is. Consider a buyer who shops big name brands at high prices and another who buys high quality fashion trends at affordable prices. They both have the same budget. The first buyer has a smaller amount of dresses when compared to the other. Both buyers look trendy and modern when walking around in the mall. They both show up at work and look amazing. One buys at an affordable price and another at a very high price. I will let you decide who the happier buyer is and what works best for you.

Rosegal Coupons

If you are interested in Rosegal Coupons, then visit this page. Here is a list of a few rosegal coupons. We have not provided any links for these deals to make it readable. If you want the links to the deals then visit oomfr.

  1. Summer Home Items Now: Starting From $0.99 Plus Free Shipping
  2. Buy One Get Two Free – Footwears And Accessories Plus $14 Off Flash Sale
  3. Save Up To 55% Off Mens Style Plus Free Shipping
  4. Mens Fashion Now: $4.99-$20.99 Plus Free Shipping
  5. 45-65% Off Mens Summer Clearance Tops, Swim And Bottoms Plus Free Shipping
  6. Save Up To 60% Off Editor’s Picks Plus Free Shipping
  7. 15% Off Select Order Plus Free Shipping
  8. Save Up To 50% Off Trending New In Plus Free Shipping
  9. Fashion Styles Now: From $6.99 With Free Shipping
  10. Anniversary Sale Items Now: $0.99-$5.99 With Free Shipping
  11. $1 Off $10+ Or $2 Off $20+ Drop Earrings Plus Free Shipping
  12. $2 Off $20+ Or $5 Off $50+ Plus Size Dresses Plus Free Shipping
  13. $3 Off $31+ Or $7 Off $71+ Fashion Blouses Plus Free Shipping
  14. $2 Off $21+, $4 Off $41+ Or $6 Off $61+ Area Rugs Plus Free Shipping
  15. Save Up To 86% Off Curvy Plus With Free Shipping
  16. Stiped Wide Leg Palazzo Pants Now: $13.49 Plus Free Shipping
  17. 75% Off Sexy Halter Monokini Swimwear Plus Free Shipping
  18. Save Up To 60% Off Make-Up Tools Plus Extra $1 Off $10+ Or $3 Off $30+ Order And Free Shipping
  19. $3 Off $30+ Or $5 Off $50+ Fashion Dresses Plus Free Shipping
  20. 64% Off American Flag Print T Shirt With Free Shipping

There are more where these deals came from …

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Catherines Cyber Monday Deals For You To Get The Discounted Price

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Catherines And Plus Size

You might land on this page wondering what Catherines is or what the brand does. If this is the case, you are definitely on the right page. Also if you are a seasoned veteran of learning when it comes to plus size brands and you know all about Catherines, then you can also read on since this might be a nice read or just something to pass time. It is almost impossible to write about Catherines without also discussing the Plus Size and the many interpretations of this size group. In fact, there is an entire movement that is focused on providing more information about plus size. More recently, there is a focus on plus size advertising and we are beginning to see more and more plus size models making headlines. This is good.

Many people consider a plus size person as an overweight person but there is nothing farther from the truth. You see, there are these things that make us human called genes or DNA. These genes will decide many things about us from even before we are born. It decides our skin color, hair type, nose types, and almost thousands, if not millions or billions of other features that defines what it means to be human. Our genes and DNA will also decide whether we are plus size or not.

What This Piece Is Not

Since we are not experts in the plus size field, we will be writing about an observers view of the plus size group. Do not interpret this piece as an expert’s opinion or medical advice. Any thing that is written on this topic is simply a view point and is meant for the pleasure and enlightenment of the reader and it should not be used as a subject of debate. We are all entitled to different opinions and this piece is just one opinion out there out of many.

Importance Of Genes

Think about the ocean and the vast amount of creatures that live in it. Every living thing in the ocean is there for a purpose and it serves its purpose. The entire system works together in a perfect and seamless way even though every sea creature is different. Now think about genes as a combination of different traits that makes each creature in the ocean quite different from each other. Remember that it is this difference that makes the oceanic eco system sustainable. In a similar way, it is our genes that make each of us different from each other and still classify as human. It is our genes that makes for a system that works due to it’s differences.

The importance of Genes cannot be overstressed. It is these genes, plus some other factors, that will decide our body size. Some genes will make a person very skinny and no matter what they eat or how much they eat, they will still remain skinny. This is why we say your size is not always a direct representation of how much you eat. In many cases a person that eats less may have a bigger size than someone that eats more because of their genes.

Catherines for Plus Size

This is where Catherines comes in. Here is a brand that caters to plus size people. Each of the designs at Catherines is specifically designed from the beginning with a plus size person in mind. It is not a case where a dress is designed for a skinny person and then made bigger for plus sizes. This is what makes brands like Catherines different from others. It is guaranteed that the dresses will be comfortable and will fit beautifully for a plus size person. Here you can find all forms of clothing like tops, bottoms, dresses, swim wear, intimates and accessories.

You can also find all sorts of deals for plus sizes here. Here are some the kind of deals to expect by checking out oomfr.

  1. Free Shipping To Local Store With Online Order
  2. 40% Off Clearance Items
  3. Save Up To $100 Off Any Order

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Is It Healthy To Be Plus Size?

This is a common and intricate question. There are many factors that may affect a person’s size. We only know about a few and a real expert will know more. However, the little we know is enough to provide an accurate answer to the question of whether it is healthy to be plus size. The short anwer is “It depends!”. I know, so annoying when you ask a question and the answer is this. Please bare with us while we try to explain why the short answer to this question is not so straight forward as you may think.

We already wrote about how a person’s DNA could decide from the very beginning whether they will be in the plus size group. There are many other factors that affects this. A person may have the DNA of a plus size group but still stay out of this group for a significant part of their lives if they have certain habits that allows the other factors to influence their size. Similarly, a person with the genes of a skinny person may end up in the plus size group if they have habits that encourage this. This is why the short answer is “It depends”.

Let’s make this simple with examples of each case. A person born with the DNA of a plus size and eats healthy is considered healthy. In another case, a person has the genes of a skinny individual but does not eat or exercise in a healthy manner may end up in the plus size with an unhealthy pattern. In another case, a person has the genes of a plus size person but is an athlete that eats well and exercises multiple times a day. This case is also healthy.

A Conclusion

You can see how a person’s genes and other factors will deeply influence the answer to the question of health. If you find out you are in the plus size group for any reason, then it is better to shop at Catherines or another plus size brand so that you can get comfortable with what you wear. If you think you are in plus size groups for an unhealthy reason then consider seeing a professional, doctor, or fitness expert to have a plan to become healthy. In the end, it is really about your health and not your size.

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Verizon Cyber Monday Deals 2017 Where To Find The Best Deals This Year

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Think about the time when we did not have smart cell phones. Life was different in many ways. Today, almost everyone has a cell phone or another form of smart device like a tablet, watch, shoe, or a pair glasses. Smartness is crawling into almost everything that affects our daily lives. Verizon is at the heart of this kind of innovation. Many people have been part of Verizon by having an internet subscription with them.

Verizon has an internet service called Fios. Feel free to try out their service. Deciding on a particular service can be a daunting task because there are a lot of factors to consider before making the best decision. In terms of internet service, this is no different. There are some limitations in areas on the available internet service. This leaves a consumer with a limited choice when it comes to this service. For one, you should consider the pricing options before you decide on any service.

The Deals For New Customers

When looking for deals on subscriptions, you will quickly find out that the new customers will get the best deals. There are many reasons for this. A subscription service makes their money from the amount charged per month for a subscription. An old customer has had the subscription for a while and is less likely to quit than a new customer. If you raise the price on an old customer, the customer will most likely still retain the service.

The customer may think that she has been getting a great deal all this time and it is now her time to get the same price as others. She may also be too busy or uncomfortable at that time to seek a new provider. This is why the new customers get the best deals. A new customer is a new conversion, and a new source of income. The sales team is equipped with many deals and price drops to use to lure in new customers and they will easily provide you with this deal in order to make a conversion.

Have all the deals
Have all the deals

How Can An Old Customer Get All The Deals

In most cases where new customers are offered amazing deals, an old customer can also get the same deals. Here is how you can get the same deals even as an old customer. You may wait until your current subscription is almost over or you can also do this while you are still in a current subscription.

What you want to do is explain to customer service that you can only keep their service if they offer you a great deal. This can be the case because your books are no longer adding up. You are beginning to spend more than you are earning and always using your credit card because of this. You have made the decision to cut on expenses and this particular subscription plan needs to be reduced. Most times customer service will understand and offer you any available deals they have in order to keep you as a customer. Be polite when making this kind of request.

If you were already on a deal and it is nearing the end of your deal. You may do the same thing and explain to the customer service that you enjoyed their service and will like to continue. You cannot afford the service without the deal so they need to keep you on the same deal or a similar deal in order for you to keep using their service.

The Dangers Of Autopay

The Autopay is a very nice feature when considered for its real intentions. However it is very easy to see how Autopay can work against you as a customer or buyer. In most Autopay cases, money flows automatically out of the buyer or subscribers accounts into the provider’s bank. You lose some money as a subscriber and you lose the chance to get a great deal for the service each time Autopay is used. It all happens in the background seamlessly which is good except that you now have less money in your accounts after the payment.

Without Autopay feature, you have to manually make each payment after each period and you have to deal with the pain and reality that you are actually giving away your hard earned money for the value of a product or service. Many times this will make you think about other ways you can save that money either by doing without the product or finding a competing product that is willing to offer a better price. This will make you ask more questions and help you save better in the long run. Use Autopay wisely and only on must have products and services.

Verizon Cyber Monday Deals

If you are already a Verizon subscriber or you are considering using this service then you want to know about the best deals you can find. To find more Verizon deals, click here.

  1. The Verizon Plan Now: Starting At $35/Month
  2. Save Up To 50% Off Accessories
  3. 5GB Per Month Now: $55 With Autopay And Paperless Billing Enrollment
  4. Unlimited Data On Verizon Wireless Now: $80/mo
  5. $100 Off Select Phones

New Subscription, New Cell Phone, More Problems

When you walk into a cell phone service provider stores, you will find the very common deal where a brand new device is offered with a yearly subscription for FREE. A lot of people fall for this trick and many people do not understand what they are getting themselves into. In most cases, and all the cases we found, the phone is really not FREE.

The aim of this trickery is to force you into entering a subscription with them. Be very careful when they offer you a FREE device. In most cases, the cost of the device is transferred into your monthly payments with interest. You are loaning the device and that new Iphone offered for “free” with your new subscription is really not free. You will end up paying more for the phone in the next two years than you would pay buying it up front and then applying your subscription to it.

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